2009 Yamaha FJR 1300 A Features

* For 2009, the FJR1300A receives an updated clutch lever to reduce the driver for comfort.
* A light and rigid aluminum chassis, sports rolling and standard hard sidebags beautiful go together.
* Box adjustable windscreen and a thick comfortable seat for two are perfect for comfortable long-distance riding.
* The world Supersport the first touring bike has standard ABS and adjustable ergonomics-Widen the gap between the sport and hikers.
* Advanced management system and air adjustable body keep the rider FJR research and feel cool.


* Compact and lightweight, 1298cc DOHC 16-valve, liquid-cooled inline four-cylinder engine offers power and torque for the unequal spread of muscle on a wide range rpm.
* Engine is a fully stressed chassis member, allowing a slight design framework.
* Curves custom radiator and ducting double ring of engine cooling fans and keep the cockpit cool.
* Slant-block engine design uses stacked, tri-ax gearbox that trees help minimize engine size, while optimizing the geometry of the chassis for balanced weight distribution and great handling.
* Lightweight forged pistons with rods carburized provide superb strength and reduced reciprocating mass for durability rpm.
* Patent electroplated ceramic composite cylinder bores ensure better heat dissipation and thus reduced friction loss of power.
* Advanced system fuel injection is ideal for long-distance hiking Supersport, providing crisp, seamless throttle response in a variety of altitude / weather.
* Changing the tree has a needle roller bearings to reduce friction Silky-smooth shifting.
* Tree final system is super-durable and virtually maintenance free.
* Low-vibration crankshaft gear with two focuses seconda

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