The FJR is a great bike with a huge potential, but the ideal weight distribution and flawless power means that it is manageable as a motorcycle sport, and its unified braking system with new specifications ABS-book superbly fluid and natural braking.
The line four-cylinder engine is powerful yet refined, happy as bumps the streets of the city because it is the power of mountain passes.
Hard part of the case, facing heated management system of air taken 12v to power / charge electrical equipment and a glovebox pure, there is no more fumbling for passports or toll-d ‘ money. No option, but standard equipment that make the FJR the choice of serious runners miles wide.

None of these elements overpowers another, but rather work together to make a bike that raises the bar.
The art of Engineering is legendary Yamaha philosophy of development of each component to strengthen relations between pilot and motorcycle. This is never more important when creating a great tourer. The FJR1300A and FJR1300AS share the same heart of luxury – the fuel injection 16-valve engine provides oceans silky power through an interview without shaft, while the athlete aluminum frame of 48 mm and adjustable forks Remote adjustable rear suspension ensure that the tight mountain curves are also easy to handle that the best highway cruising. The FJR unified braking system is state-of-the-art, with a unit ABS refined offering enhanced braking to feel relaxed, all day on horseback. And to make tourism comfort and pleasure at the following characteristics FJR1300AS Yamaha-garde YCC-S (Yamaha Chip-Controlled Shift system). It is the art of engineering, art sport touring.
No two trips are exactly the same and both are the same riders. That is why the FJR can be resolved in a few seconds to respond to your needs. Tune the height of the seat and handlebar positions so that you mould perfectly with your bike. Then experience with the FJR innovative management system for air – the new hard-coated screen adjustable away at high speed windblast, and a hot summer tours FJR mid-caps can be easily adapted to fresh air directly on you.
Enter a series of corners difficult, and the YCC-S is in itself. The rapid evolution through gears becomes effortless, so you can really enjoy the ride.
The FJR1300AS represents a revolution in the sport of hiking. It has all the strengths of awardwinning universally loved FJR1300A with the added advantage of YCC-S (Yamaha Chip-Controlled Shift system). The SA differs from the FJR1300A in a number of ways, obviously in its modified version of switching and lack of clutch lever. Whatever the environment or conditions, YCC-S ultra-smooth movement makes each journey easier and more pleasant, always improve the feeling when you experience a fantastic motorcycle meets highway.

YCC-S is an original clutchless gearshifting system that allows you to clock more miles with less effort. You, the pilot, are in charge – when you decide to change gear and choose either on foot, as usual, or using fatigue reduction thumb shifter. The difference is that you do not need to draw a clutch lever. A controller clutch and change the electronic actuator, which is regulated by a powerful electronic system, to ensure perfectly predictable clutchless changes that allow you to focus on benefiting from the changing horizon.
The YCC-S system can be operated by hand or foot shift.

Step 1 Turn the key in (early).
Step 2 Start cycling while applying the front brake at the same time.
Step 3 Put the bike in a neutral position (bottom) using the foot gear shift.

Riding the standard change of foot: To ride with change of foot, rolling your FJR as standard, but without the clutch lever. The gear indicator displays digital gear has been selected.

Riding rotations: To ride with change hands, press the change of hands on the key selection left handlebar. A green light turns on to confirm your selection. (Please note: The change of foot switch is still pending.)

Step 4 The bike will not allow you to change neutral if the throttle is opened and the speed is high. If rotation is selected: first gear is engaged by pulling the rotations of passage to the handlebars with your left index. Use the thumb-operated switch to downshift. Use the finger-operated to upshift.

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